Why small businesses must tackle cybersecurity

Why small businesses must tackle cybersecurity: The 23 million small businesses that are thriving in America today are the foundation of local communities across the country. Most businesses must adhere to the “always- on” world and stay connected with customers that cause potential concerns securing sensitive data.

Many government agencies, healthcare providers and small businesses often presume that a low profile will help them escape the reach of cyberattacks.

However, according to the 2013 Verizon Data Breach Report, three out of four companies attacked in 2012 were organizations with 100 people or less. The lack of a strong cyberdefense carries hidden costs in the form of lost intellectual property or legal liabilities.

With the rise of cloud and mobile devices, company information is no longer held within the business’ physical walls. End-users are downloading personal applications on company-issued devices or storing work information on personal devices.

Every industry approaches cybersecurity with a unique set of compliance standards. Within healthcare, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulations and Payment Card Industry (PCI) requirements focus on protecting personally identifiable information (PII) data.