What will be the biggest threats in the next 10 years?

What will be the biggest threats in the next 10 years?: Speaking at a security conference in Istanbul this month Jeff Kohler, vice president of international business development for Boeing’s defence arm, admitted to being “very concerned” about threats to flying software and said aircraft were now in need of cyber protection.
In this video released by Nato Review, Mr Kohler said: “I don’t think we still understand critical infrastructure protection and how cyber can affect that.
“From our commercial aircraft side we’re very concerned about it. As commercial aeroplanes become more and more digital and electronic, we have actually started to put cyber protection into the software of our aeroplanes.
“If they enter an airport environment, they are starting to exchange information and so we have to be able to protect the aircraft’s software itself, so there’s a lot of issues coming down the road just on cyber alone.”