Vizio Smart TVs spy on you by default

Vizio Smart TVs spy on you by default: The latest offender is smart TV manufacturer Vizio, which changed its privacy policy at the end of last month:

Beginning October 31, 2015, VIZIO will use Viewing Data together with your IP address and other Non-Personal Information in order to inform third party selection and delivery of targeted and re-targeted advertisements.

You may think that that’s unwelcome enough, but Vizio is going one step further – grabbing your IP address so it can identify you on any device that you use to access the internet from home, sharing data with third parties, and meaning you may start to see customised ads on other devices use such as your home PC, smartphone or tablet:

As of October 31, 2015, VIZIO will share Viewing Data, together with the IP address associated with the corresponding VIZIO television, with limited third parties with whom we have specifically partnered. These third parties may combine this information with other information about devices associated with that IP address, in order to customize the advertisements displayed on those other devices.