Security Guard. Tips and Tricks for Windows 7 Protection

Security Guard. Tips and Tricks for Windows 7 Protection: Using BitLockerBitLocker is one of the most popular and improved securities in Win 7. This hard disk and encryption technology and protecting the integrity of the boot medium first appeared in Windows Vista. We can find BitLocker in several Ultimate and Enterprise edition of Win 7. This program does not allow an attacker to extract data from the hard disk of stolen notebook if it was off at the time of the theft.But there is one problem with BitLocker. It is difficult to restore data after hardware failure if protected volumes were blocked. That’s why although this technology can provide a great protection many of IT-specialists say that it is a problematic thing, because they face with it when it is necessary to make a data recovery.

In order to restore your data you need an access to keys or password of Bitlocker which relate to blocked volumes. If there are not many computers it is easy to watch passwords and keys, but if the bill goes to the hundreds of them this task is really difficult.

Group policy allows IT-experts to configure BitLocker so, that encryption activates only after the successful creation of the keys and passwords’ back-up copies in Active Directory. Restoring of the encrypted data became really easy because of the changes in equipment of “Active Directory – users and computers” in Windows Server 2008 R2 and appearing of Remote Server Administration Tools for Win 7.  Keys and password search became easier than in the same facilities of Win Vista.