Scams Promoting Luxury Products Are Never Out of Style

Scams Promoting Luxury Products Are Never Out of Style: Generally, scams with phones are carried out before and a short while after the device is launched, but both iPhone 6 and especially Samsung Galaxy S4 are far from being fresh devices. Despite this, crooks continue to use them as bait for unsuspecting users.

Jovi Umawing of Malwarebytes discovered a survey scam on LinkedIn touting an iPhone 6 as the grand prize and she followed the trail until a page promoting a Samsung Galaxy S4 was displayed, in a new fake raffle.

The post on LinkedIn containing the link to the scam was published by a user under the name Kolko Kolko. The fact that the picture of the user is actually that of actor Brad Pitt should make anyone think twice before clicking on any of the promoted links.

Umawing accessed the shortened links, though, and found that they led to a page with multiple surveys to complete. It seems that the potential victim has the possibility to skip the current offer only to be served other survey pages.