NATO has constituted Cyber Response Teams

NATO has constituted Cyber Response Teams: NATO is establishing its reaction units to protect its infrastructure in case of cyber attacks, the organization will set-up exactly two teams for the purpose. NATO is considered a privileged target for hackers, in 2012 it suffered  2,500 “significant cases” of cyber attacks against its networks, during the 2013 the situation has remained almost unchanged but security experts believe that the number of sophisticated offensives is likely to increase.

A NATO representative explained that the two cyber-defense teams are expected to operative in a few weeks in response to significant incidents ans cyber-attacks.

“Exact 2013 figures have not yet been compiled. What we can see is that the incidents recorded by NATO experts so far this year are comparable to what similar organisations have faced and generally consistent with 2012 levels,” said the NATO official.

The NATO cyber experts succeeded in the mitigation of the attacks avoiding serious damage to the infrastructure, let’s remember that the organization invested nearly 58 million euro to upgrade the NATO Cyber Incident Response Centre (NCIRC).