MCSO arrests 2 suspects in credit card scheme; thousands at risk

MCSO arrests 2 suspects in credit card scheme; thousands at risk: Two people are accused of fraudulently using the credit card information of patients of Scottsdale Dermatology and its offices around the Valley.

Winfred Aurelious Dick Jr., 25, and Brittney Davidson, 24, both of Phoenix, were arrested and booked into the Fourth Avenue Jail on multiple counts of aggravated identity theft, computer tampering, fraudulent use of a credit card and fraud schemes

“If I could go back, I would take it all back,” Davidson told 3TV during a tearful jailhouse interview. “I feel so bad for the people I’ve taken from, not only did I ruin their lives, I ruined my own life in the process.”

Davidson admitted she used up to 13 credit cards that were not her own.

“It took no work at all. It was seconds,” she said of the crime.

Investigators said the fraudulent charges were used to purchase items including tires, rims, even pizza.

“It wasn’t to buy myself some Louis Vuitton bag, it was to buy food,” Davidson said.

However, investigators said she also used stolen information to pay her boyfriend’s traffic fine in Glendale City Court. The victim happened to be a Maricopa County sheriff’s captain, who noticed the erroneous charge and cracked the case wide open.

“I’ll give (the) kudos to my wife,” Capt. Dave Letourneau said. “She called me that morning, actually asked if I got a speeding ticket in the city of Glendale. When I assured her I had not, that’s when I started digging and looking into it.”