Inside Israels Quest For Cyberwar Supremacy

Inside Israels Quest For Cyberwar Supremacy: Its the joke of the evening and they tell it again and again, happy with themselves, a lukewarm glass of Coke in their hands: “Are you ready to hear a lie? Because if I tell you the truth, well have to kill you.” They probably wouldnt, but then again the participants of this annual reunion of former members of the Israel Defense Forces IDF Unit 8200 wont say anything about past operations either.Its a shame, since the cream of Israels cyber espionage is present in this warehouse along Tel Avivs harbor, and we would definitely like to try and worm some information out of them. For example, they are said to have created the Stuxnet computer virus, which in 2010 managed to penetrate the computers controlling the centrifuges of Irans uranium enrichment factory of Natanz and sabotage them, even reportedly setting off explosions.From their base in the southern part of Hezliya, on the Mediterranean coast, they also regularly hack into Syrian radar computers, allowing the Israeli air force to strike Bashar al-Assads arsenal. Cloaked in mystery, these thousands of high-IQ soldiers form the jewel in Israels military intelligence, the lead attack battalion of mass cyberwar carried out by Israel over the past decade.