Cellphones on a plane? Please don’t phone home

Cellphones on a plane? Please don’t phone home: Think cramped seats, snoring passengers, crying babies and mediocre — or non-existent— food make flying miserable?

Imagine what it will be like to sit next to a person yammering on his or her cellphone.

That’s what many passengers and airline analysts are contemplating in light of the Federal Communications Commission’s decision to review its 22-year ban against in-flight cellphone calls.

The FCC banned cellphone use over concerns that it would jam ground stations. Now the agency says that modern technology has made the use of mobile devices on board safe. The agency will seek public comment if the proposal moves forward. The commission will consider the proposal at a Dec. 12 meeting.

The Federal Aviation Administration last month allowed the use of electronic devices such as tablets and iPads during takeoff and landing.

But some passengers say letting people make calls is taking things too far. In a world where people seem attached to their cellphones, these passengers say they enjoy the forced respite from cellphones ringing and loud conversations. Allowing cellphone calls, they say, would turn the cabin into a satellite office.