AT&T: We dont have to disclose NSA dealings

AT&T: We dont have to disclose NSA dealings: AT&T, under fire for ongoing revelations that it shares and sells customers communications records to the National Security Agency and other U.S. intelligence offices, says it isnt required to disclose to shareholders what it does with customers data.

In a letter sent Thursday to the Securities and Exchange Commission, AT&T said it protects customer information and complies with government requests for records “only to the extent required by law.”

The telecom giants letter was a response to a shareholder revolt sparked on Nov. 20 by the New York State Common Retirement Fund, the ACLU of Northern California and others. The groups are demanding that AT&T and Verizon be more transparent about their dealings with the NSA.In the letter, AT&T said information about assisting foreign intelligence surveillance activities is almost certainly classified. The company said it should not have to address the issue at its annual shareholders meeting this spring.