A look to Android offer in the underground mobile market

A look to Android offer in the underground mobile market: In the last months security firms have observed an increase in criminal activities that exploited Android OS supported by the proactive evolution of the offerings in the underground mobile market. Dancho Danchev is considered one of most accredited experts of the criminal underground and its evolution, he described numerous initiatives for monetization of illegal activities, he profiled the new comers DIY Android injectors and different services harvest mobile phone numbers advertised in the underground mobile market.

We wrote on commercial availability DIY Android application decompiler/injector developed to work exclusively with a publicly obtainable Android-based trojan horse, a precious instrument for a cyber criminal that intend to create its own botnet .

Using  commercially available tools it is possible to inject a pre-configured Android trojan client into any applications, recently Danchev profiled a cybercrime-friendly Windows-based tool for the generation of malicious data stealing Android .apk apps. In the underground mobile market it is already possible to find cracked versions of the DIY Android injector.