5 Cloud Computing Myths Busted

5 Cloud Computing Myths Busted: Cloud Computing is not secure
There is a lot of hype surrounding this myth, particularly in the wake of spying revelations earlier this year. However, it is important to point out security is at the heart of the vast majority of Cloud solutions; this is why choosing your provider carefully is important.

The reality is that most businesses cannot compete with the level of security that is offered by Cloud providers given that they have teams of security experts working 24/7. The amount of time and money invested into securing both the technology and the physical locations is unparalleled.

If a business is particularly concerned about access to their data, private Cloud or hybrid solutions can provide some extra peace of mind. However, the reality is that once the correct policies are in place (necessary encryptions, two-factor authentications, data protection legislation etc.) the level of security you can get with Cloud solutions is often far superior to what would be practical at a local level.