Beware of Zeus Banking Trojan Signed With Valid Digital Signature

Beware of Zeus Banking Trojan Signed With Valid Digital Signature: A new dangerous variant of ZeuS Banking Trojan has been identified by Comodo AV labs which is signed by stolen Digital Certificate which belongs to Microsoft Developer, to avoid detection from Web browsers and anti-virus systems.

Every Windows PC in the world is set to accept software “signed” with Microsoft’s digital certificates of authenticity, an extremely sensitive cryptographic seal.

Cyber Criminals somehow managed to hack valid Microsoft digital certificate, uses it trick users and admins into trusting the file. Since the executable is digitally signed by the Microsoft developer no antivirus tool could find it as malicious.

Digitally signed malware received a lot of media attention last year. Reportedly, more than 200,000 unique malware binaries were discovered in past two years have valid digital signatures.

A Comodo Security tool user submitted a sample of the malicious software that attempts to trick user by distinguished itself as file of Internet Explorer and was having a valid signature issued to “isonet ag”.